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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hawks 0 for 2012

The first time ALL year the Hawks have had a losing week. They didn't even pick up 1 point in that week.
They lost at home to Edmonton and Colorado who BOTH have been struggling. Then they Hawks got up for a nice game in Philly but still gave up a goal with less than a minute to go in the game to get zero points. The Hawks are farther away from the title than they think. According to the last podcast, Stan Bowman says the team "doesn't have that many holes"...BULL SHIT. The Hawks needed to get rid of Campbell for his money was killing lineup mobility,...that's for certain, but WOW do they miss his puck carrying skills. Leddy isn't ready. Hjalmarsson isn't worth the money they're paying him (thanks S.J.), and on top of that the Hawks have 3 rookies in the lineup and they completely seemed out of whack. Energy was there, but they aren't getting enough bodies in front of the net to get deflections, tip in's. Their powerplay blows donkey balls again. Why in the HELL does Q mess with a good thing. Whenever he seems to have a nice lineup, he has to tinker and dab and just sucks for linemates who are trying to figure out their partners positions.
I would have to put a lot of the losses on Coach Q. Who he is bringing up, who he has in the lineup, and his balance on that team sucks of late. Hawks need to regroup quickly. They have Detroit back at home Sunday.

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