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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hawks Thankful For DEEP Bench

The Blackhawks were thankful they finally got off the 3 game losing train. It was the first Sunday-Saturday (Full week) where the Hawks had a less than winning percentage. 0-2-1. This week started off with a win against the hapless Florida Panthers, but it was costly. How costly? We aren't sure, but the fact is that Corey Crawford will be missing a few games. It "appeared" like he strained a groin muscle during the save that had him buckled over with pain. We'll , find out shortly though. If it is a groin muscle, that will take a few weeks to recover. (2-3weeks). Hawks have found something special in Antti Raanta. I knew that he was a great one when they signed him. I just didn't think he'd be up so quickly after the signing of Khabibulin.

* Blessing in disguise is that Khabibulin went down during the game and is out on LTIR. (Whether that was planned or not, is "interesting" that situationally it happened,...don't you think?). If the Hawks cut him,...that gets dinged against the cap. If he stays on the team, that seriously hand-cuffs the team for he fills up that cap with a $2m cap space,  (amazingly enough his cap space since being put on the LTIR has been lowered to $1.7m...wonder how that works? Wonder if that is a contractual thing, or if they simply average his salary minus time lossed...I'll have to research that more),and he really doesn't deserve to be on the team with his seriously bad performances.

NOTE TO STAN:....don't sign anymore washed up goalies. First there was Khabibulin. BOTH useless.

* Hawks bring up Kent Simpson. He is a "young'n'. He's only 21 yrs old. He has appeared in 15 games this season with the Icehogs.  NON impressive 6-7-0 with a equally NON impressive GAA 3.38 and a relatively OKAY .900 GS%.  There have been flashes of brilliance with him,...but to have him come in with ZERO experience says what they think of Khabibulin. (I simply am having a hard time believing his injury was that serious.........PLEASE prove me wrong someone).

* Bickell get's put on IR (retroactive from Nov. 19)

* Kostka has been activated.

* Morin costs more to be on the team than having Pirri. Morin ($.735) vs Pirri ($.618).

* Nordstrom is back down.......Thank goodness. I still don't see what he brings to the team that interests Q and the brass. I guess....he's quick. Still is not good on the much needed PK.

* NOTED that Raanta and Simpson's salary together are both less than Khabibulin's salary.

Hawks look to seek revenge agains the Dallas Stars where they got off to a rocky start 1Dec and although they tied it they gave the lead back up,...then could never equal the score. Therefore they took a regulation loss.

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