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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hawks Choke 2 Goal Lead for 6-5 Shoot Out Loss

Hawks actually had a 2 goal lead twice in this game. But, they lost the game late today after being ahead 5-3 with 4 minutes remaining. They coughed up a goal and then had a late penalty (and we know how awful the Hawks PK unit has been)…and surrendered the tying goal. The Hawks lost in a shoot out despite goals by Toews and Sharp in the Shoot Out. Overall, the Hawks have to keep reminding themselves that they must play 60 minutes against these power house teams. They are making this a habit  of surrenduring late goals to either lose or give up the lead.

Well, the Hawks finished the first half  at 27-7-7. 20 games above .500 and only 2 teams have a better win record percentage wise. Anaheim and St. Louis. (These are the two teams that have had the Hawks number late in games).

Hawks have a home game tomorrow against the Los Angeles Kings. They will try to rectify their issues tomorrow as they start the second half of their season.

Antti Raanta is 9-1-3 in relief of Corey Crawford, with a 2.38 GAA and a Sv% of .906. Not too shabby for someone that has never played in the NHL before. He looks like a solid #2 goalie and will give the Hawks and Corey Crawford good rest as they enter the playoffs.

No news as if Raanta will start again tomorrow, but my guess is the Hawks will most likely go back to Raanta, and that Jason LaBarbera is there simply as a "if need be" basis.

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