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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

$71m cap for 2014-15 season.....LET'S TALK

Board of Governor's meeting in California and Gary Bettman comes out and tells the media that the cap will raise from $64m to $71m for the 2014-15 season.
1) Kane             $6.3m
2) Toews           $6.3m
3) Crawford       $6.0m
4) Sharp            $5.9m
5) Seabrook      $5.8m
6 )Keith            $5.539m
7) Hossa           $5.275m
8) Hjalmarsson $4.1m
9) Bickell          $4.0m
10) Oduya        $3.383m
11) Leddy         $2.7m
12) Versteeg     $2.2m (other half picked up by Florida)
13) Rozsival     $2.2m
14) Shaw          $2.0m
15) Kruger       $1.325m
16) Saad           $.764  (Oh yeah,...he'll get a nice raise)

UNSIGNED for 2014-15
Michael Handzus  : I think this will be Handzus' last year with the Hawks.
Jeremy Morin: If the Hawks do keep him, it won't be for a raise.
Brandon Bollig: I think the Hawks will keep him.( I'm guessing $.850m- $1.1m max)
Sheldon Brookbank: Hawks may keep him. They like veteran guys. (I'm guessing $1.5m)
Mike Kostka: Hawks like Kostka also.  (I'm guessing $.850-1.0)
Antti Raanta: Hawks NEED him. He's doing well. (I'm guessing $1.7-2.2 multi year)

On the cap list that won't be there next year.
Kent Simpson is at $631,667 . He is on an entry level contract. Last year (2014-15)

NOT on the cap list because they were sent down to AHL
Brandon Pirri: $618,333: I believe he'll be re-signed.
Joakim Nordstrom: $616,667. Who knows what Q is thinking?
Brad Mills: $550,000. Again, who knows what Q is thinking?

NOT ON THE LISTof top PROSPECTS that may make the team next year. ( I think 2 of my 3 bolded players will make next years roster).
Mark McNeill
Phillip Danault
Teuvo Teravainen: (I think this kid makes the team)
Garret Ross
Viktor Svedberg
Adam Clendening: (Again, I think this kid makes the team...especially if they don't sign up Brooksy)
Klas Dahlbeck
Alex Broadhurst
Stephen Johns:
Drew LeBlanc: (I'm going to stick my neck out and say this kid makes the team. )
Ryan Hartman
Kevin Hayes: He's a senior now at BC. He's doing well.
Vincent Hinostroza
Chris Calnan
Surprise player that always seems to rise up during camp.

Kane and Toews
Finally,...I'll finish up on the 2 superstars whose contracts end after next season. The Hawks may wait until December (or their agents will wait) finish negotiating their contracts. It could be as hefty as $8-9 million per year. Don't be surprised if it hits that amount. Especially if the number rises from $71m to $78m.

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