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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kaner and his Spinorama help Hawks win

Whenever we think of the patented Spin-o-rama move, there is ONLY one hockey player that comes to mind... Denis Savard. He has had many conversations with Patrick Kane on HOW to use it and WHEN to use it. Tonight, was a success. He took a cross ice pass from Hossa....he went up ice pulled in his defender in with a spin-o-rama (while keeping his eyes up...he spotted Hossa rushing in) and Kane made a blind pass to a wide open Marian Hossa who simply tucked it in the net. Give Daniel Carcillo some credit too. He Pulled in a defender to the strong side of the net as the cross pass from Kane went behind him to a wide open Hossa.
Oh,...finally the Hawks (who did practice some shoot out goals) finally won on a shoot out 2-1. Toews (who was previously 0-2 and is normally quite strong in shoot outs) went top shelf as opposed to his patented 5 hole move,...and Kane who normally goes backhand, had to worry about Hillar who instead of a glove, had a blocker, he went 5 hole for the win.
The Hawks only gave up 1 goal on 6 powerplays. Crawford was dynamite!!! The Hawks have reeled in points in all but their opening night game. 5-1-2 is their record after 8 games and are now in first place in the Central Division. Hawks 3 Ducks 2. Forwards & Defensemen

10LPATRICK SHARP83584180013010.0
88RPATRICK KANE826842000296.9
81RMARIAN HOSSA7527461102917.2
36CDAVE BOLLAND7426220111526.7
19CJONATHAN TOEWS8426221012516.0

Western Conference
ST LOUIS84408422242-1-02-3-04-4-0


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