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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Final Roster coming up...but, what did we learn?

Well, Friday's game against Dallas is coming up and the Hawks are down to 26. Meaning,...they will cut 3. Probably (most likely) Paradis, Morin and John Scott.

But, what did we learn?

1) The goal tending job WAS NEVER up for grabs. How do we know this? Because Alexander Salak should have won that back up goaltending spot. He played far better than Emery, but it wen to Emery instead.

You can't blame the Hawks. First they entice the kid to sign a one way contract eventhough we know due to his 2 games NHL experience that one way contract is "bologna". He was simply being tried out and if Emery was awful, he would taken the spot. The Hawks want Salak to get more experience on American ice, off to Rockford he goes. Short term they use Emery, long term they look at Salak as perfect competition with Crawford.

2) The kid can play. Brandon Saad was drafted behind Mark McNeill and Philip Danault and yet,... he is the one making the team. Last year before an injury, it was true he was a projected first round pick ...even as high as a top 5 pick. So, the Hawks stole that draft. STOLE IT.

3) Kyle Beach.........11th overall  a few years back....and he STILL isn't ready. There are at least 6-7 prospects in front of him. Not that the Hawks couldn't use a scoring power forward,...but he's not impressing the brass AT ALL. Last year of his contract. Expect him to be moved in a trade SOON.

4) Shawn Lalonde... Is making great strides, but he's behind Dylan Olsen and possibly 2-3 others for cracking a spot in the lineup. HE could be moved as well.

5) Brandon Pirri.... He has a home here in Chicago real soon. Start looking for apartments kid,... you're coming to the big city soon. This kid is one amazing center...and we all know the Hawks can use a center. In fact,'s my prediction. When V-Berg gets off the IR,... Saad goes to his Jr team and then PIRRI gets called up. That's my prediction.

6) John Scott...for some stinkin' reason, the Hawks love this guy. He can't skate, he can't fill the net. He can't defend. Too slow...yet, he still is around the locker room. GET RID OF HIM. He's no good.

7) Toews (Jonathan, that is) is going to be a BEAST. He's ready to be an 80+ point guy.

8) Kane and the center position. Ehhhhhhhhh, not crazy about the idea. He'll be back on wing before long. He's too strong on the wing and NOT strong enough in the corners grinding for pucks and faceoffs.

9) Duncan Keith is back emotionally and physically. He was useless and a waste of space last year after the cup run.  He looks extremely good and could challenge for the Norris again this year.

10) Viktor Stalberg is ready to be an effective player on the Toews line. But, can he be effective off that first line too?

11) The Hawks do have a strong enough team "on paper" to challenge again. Last year was so frustrating to watch, it made you want to pull your hair out. Love the refreshed attitude. Got rid of the dead weight and the ankle anchor (Campbell contract). The Hawks will be hitting 109 points by April 1st. They're that good.

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