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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Carcillo returns...

Daniel Carcillo will tomorrow make his Blackhawks debut. He has been practicing with the line that consists of Patrick Kane and Marian Hossa. I like this combination. Remember that Carcillo succeeded last year when he was with Mike Richards. He space and will get under people's skin. I like this for it takes away people wanting to take pot-shots at Kane while he's in the corner scrapping for a puck. Maybe, we can call this Kane's personal security guard. (Kind of how Kaner referenced Carcillo in their Tweets amongst each other.)
Carcillo and Kaner having a little fun on Twitter...
10,000 followers per tweet huh Not to worry, I will protect that 12yr old face of yours

... thx for taking care of me but what am I going to do for the first two games of regular season?

Normal fun,...but it's fun reading into the Tweets. 

Back to reality.... Looks like Kruger will be back in the lineup with his impressive play opening night at the OC. Not sure if Saad will be on the first line or not, but it wouldn't be a bad thing to pair the rookie up with Jonny. 

Appears that Corey Crawford has a bit of a nagging injury. Yahoo fantasy lists him as DTD... But, Jesse Rogers thinks it's the groin injury that may have acted up again. I expect Crawford to return by Thursday.

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