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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Options for 2011-12 as season starts

There are a few options as some NEW Hawks and PROSPECT Hawks have looked pretty good.
*         Brandon Pirri
*         Brandon Saad
*         Ben Smith
*         Marcus Kruger

Then some have looked less than stellar.
Bryan Bickell, in particular. Brian Bickell is set to make $541,000 for the next 2 years.  He's not that much of a liability to cut. There is only John Scott (also unimpressive) who makes less than he does.

They Hawks can:
A) Start the season with Bickell and use him as trade bate. Group it with Kyle Beach for he is in the last year of a contract also. Bickell has use in the league. Putting Rob Klinkhammer in that position is an option. He's still one of the remaining 32. Klinkhammer may start in Rockford, but I think he'll be up sometime in the year.

B) Cut Bickell. Hope that someone picks him up. For that money he makes I'm sure that wouldn't be too hard. Teams are getting more and more fickle with their money, so making 541k works in his favor of playing somewhere.

C) Keep Bryan Bickell. This is probably what they will do. When he DOES decide to use his big body, he is useful, but the problem with that is he uses it so sparingly,...or whenever he feels "up to it". The Hawks then can measure their mistake and figure out what to do with him as the season progresses.

JOHN SCOTT> WTF do the Hawks see in this guy OTHER THAN him being a brute. He can't skate, he can't play defense, he can't pass, he can't shoot straight. He's a complete mess on the ice. He's a hindrance to the team. Seriously....GET RID OF HIM. He's completely useless.

OD-- Sean O'Donnell. 39 years old. Slow, too many give aways in his own zone. But, experience, experience, experience. He'll make the squad.

Veterans shining: Viktor Stalberg (finally!), Michael Frolik, Toews, Kane, Keith, Montador, Leddy.

Rostislav Olesz: doing well in camp. Could this be a steal for the Hawks?

Sami Lepisto: Started off slow, but has really started to play well.

Daniel Carcillo: Showing restraint. But, his skill hasn't shown yet. Not yet...

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