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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do the Hawks keep Bickell and Scott... They don't deserve it...

Brian Bickell and John Scott don't deserve to be on the Hawks. Brian Bickell is this big 6'4" 233lb forward that won't lay a body on anyone unless he thinks he won't get any playing time.

John Scott, is a nice guy, liked in the locker room, but can't play on the big league level to save his life. He is too slow, can't skate, has zero skill other than a 270lb 6'8" frame to beat people up. But, the Hawks don't need that.

Back to Brian Bickell for a moment. Why not someone a bit more hungry who is producing in camp, and has some size AND I think deserves it more...I'm referring to ROB KLINKHAMMER.
I think he would be a great guy to put on the roster instead of Brian Bickell.

I also have another one that should make the roster...Dylan Olsen...Instead of 39 year old Sean O'Donnell, I think Dylan Olsen would be a great replacement. The coaching staff may think the 20 year old needs ONE more year of AHL,...and I wouldn't disagree, but it is a thought.

Will the Hawks try to move Brian Bickell or Kyle Beach?

Kyle is on the last year of his introductory draft salary, and I think the Hawks may try to move him.. Why not package him with Brian Bickell? It could happen.

The 2 Brandon's (Pirri and Saad...not Brandon Segal), should get strong consideration for making the roster. Here's to crossing my fingers that the Hawks don't keep someone on the roster (Bickell) just because he was on the team and they signed him for 3 years. he's almost at league Minimum 541k, so he probably wouldn't clear waivers if cut, the Hawks may keep him on the roster initially to trade him. That is my guess...or at least I hope it is. John Scott would look good BEHIND a mike.

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