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Monday, March 11, 2013

Blackhawks 2 game losing streak

NOW Blackhawk fans can come alive. The pessimism starts to arise. First a thrashing at Colorado (6-2) fortunately I was unavailable to watch that game. Then a putrid first period where NO ONE on the ice was worthy of wearing an Indian head sweater. They started off that first period down 4-0. After the first 3 were let in, starting goaltender Ray Emery was pulled. (Back to back games the goaltending was less than marginal  and each goaltender had to replace the other). The Hawks gave up 3 PP's this game, and defense was stronger in the parking lot than in that building. The second period they came alive, but, still allowing 2 goals that period (2 of the 3 PP's were scored in the 2nd),.....Hawks still trailed by 2. Patrick Kane scored his 2nd of the night in the mid 3rd period, but they couldn't muster that magic that had been there so many times before. Two of the worst teams in league (Edmonton and Colorado) and the Hawks lost both. Hope this isn't a trend. I don't think it is,...but I do think they need to regroup a bit better.
Side note: Patrick Sharp is out of 3-4 weeks.

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