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Thursday, March 7, 2013

#13 is the 13th different Blackhawk to score GWG

So,....carbomb gets involved. (quick look over at the bench......Quenneville is amazed, Toews is truly happy for Danny, the rest of the bench applauding each other). It's time to start running out of adjectives to describe this team.

This was the 1/2 way mark of the strike shortened season (24/48). Record: 21-0-3 Wow!

Let us go over a few of the things that just happened.

1) Ray Emery became the first goalie in the history of the NHL to start off a season 10-0-0.

2) Blackhawks bring their OWN record of starting a season without a loss to : 24 games.

3) Blackhawks moved solely into second place of 30 games in a row (3-0-3 last year)  with at least a point.

4) The Hawks now have a club record of 11 straight games with a win. Previous record was 9.

I know,...I hear it and see it all over Twitter, Facebook, articles and blogs..... 35 games should be done in 1 season...

I also hear that the most impressive streak is the 94-95 Penguins when they won 17 straight games.

So, if that is the case.....then the Hawks would need to be at 27-0-3 to tie Pittsburgh and 28-0-3 to beat them. If they do get to 28-0-3.....that is already (31 + 6)....they own the consecutive game streak on their own.....except that the pesky Philadelphia Flyer fans will say.....wait, OURS was done in ONE season.....Okay.....So, the Hawks would need to be at 33-0-3 to own all the records. That being said, that is 11 more games they need to win. However,...let's be happy with what we HAVE. Come what may, the Hawks are having a tremendous season. THE BEST EVER, far. Taking home the cup will be the icing on the cake. Let Philly and Pittsburgh argue who the greatest is in the time being and have them sweat as the Hawks pile on the wins.

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