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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Will The Hawks Go After Ryan Kesler?

2 years left on his $5,000,000, the former Selke Award winner wishes out of Vancouver and supposedly has 2 teams on his "wish list". Pittsburgh Penguins and our very own Chicago Blackhawks. If the Hawks want this guy, who has been injury prone of late, what will they have to give up in order to get him? It would appear that the likelihood of giving up a Johnny Oduya wouldn't be enough for this deal. They'd want someone like Patrick Sharp or Brent Seabrook…or both. That's a scary thought. Yes, I would agree that adding Kesler would be amazing, but they have to be too careful on who they get and more importantly who they'd have to give up in order to get someone of Ryan Kesler's caliber. Draft picks? Possibly, but since a first round 27th pick isn't the most encouraging pick, that might not be a feasible option. If I wanted Kesler I'd offer : 1st round 2014, 3rd round 2015, Johnny Oduya (need to clear cap space), and the rights to Jeremy Morin. And if I was Vancouver,…I'd turn that deal down. I would think to myself, "I'm not here to HELP Chicago, I'm here to boost up our Roster. I'd want 2 first round picks, Brandon Saad. As you have seen in the past, a 1st round pick isn't necessarily a 'sure thing'. With the loaded draft of 2015, the Hawks may want to keep their 2015 pick. I think the chance of the Hawks agreeing to anything is slim,…this year. The Hawks may wait until late next season when Vancouver knows they better get something or they will get NOTHING. Then the Hawks have a better chance of negotiating. But, as of right now,…I don't think any deal gets done.

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