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Friday, June 27, 2014

Kesler, Stastny, etc... Open UFA Market

The Blackhawks have inquired about Ryan Kesler. The price may be too high. It is believed they want either Brandon Saad or Teuvo Teravainen in the trade. It is also believed the Blackhawks are interested in another centerman: Paul Stastny (Col). This may be a good fit,….however the caveat is that he doesn't wish to take a cut from his massive $6+ million contract. Well,…there goes that idea. Rumored: Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews (who share the same agent), are asking for a contract of $12,000,000 yearly. WOW! That would be the two largest contracts in this salary cap era. Do they have the right to that contract? Maybe. But, it would put such a damper on the rest of the team getting any deals, that I believe it would hurt them. I thought 10,000,000 was high,….12 is scary. It isn't that neither Kane nor Toews don't deserve it. The argument that the salary cap will just keep rising is obviously one of the things their agent is relying on,…or Stan Bowman if he agrees to a deal like this. It will be interesting what the hawks do prior to July 1. This time of the year is the most exciting time. This time is the "mold building for the 2014 season". Getting excited yet?

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