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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who Needs To Be Held Accountable

Last game in January.......and AGAIN, 16 seconds into the game and the Hawks are already behind. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

They used to score 4 and 5 goals a night. If that happens, it's only because their opponent is doing the same thing. There is a total lack of "drive" right now. Who's the cancer? Where is this dormant behavior coming from? The Hawks need to figure it out, and figure it out quickly. Cut out the cancerous cell and get healthy again.

So, who should be held accountable for this crappy play? Coach Quenneville? Absolutely. In many of his post conferences he talks about it as if it isn't a big thing. How, he likes the play of the guys and it's "just one of those things"..........LOSING is "just one of those things". Losing is as infectious as winning. It can hit a locker room faster than a fart can fill a room.

The Hawks are having to make it a habit of playing "catch up". This in most games they are able to do as you can see by the HUGE amount of OT and SO losses. However, they're dead by the beginning of OT. They're legs are done and psychologically, emotionally and most certainly...physically drained. Hence the lack of OT and SO wins. Can you at all remember WHEN the Hawks have won a game in OT? Whew...too long for me to remember. I'd have to look up. But, I don't think they've done so this year.

As the Hawks start the 2nd period down 1-0 against a very good Roberto as the Hawks try to figure out HOW to score on Vancouver and the energy that is being dispersed throughout the last 2 periods. They need this Olympic break to get refocused and to get their physically beaten bodies a rest. TOO bad that 10 of them are heading to Sochi. But, thankful that our goaltenders are staying at home.

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