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Friday, January 24, 2014

Hawks Play Mediocre In January

The Hawks have ONLY 4 wins this entire month.

* Atrocious 1st period starts

* Inconsistent 3rd line playing

* No production on Kane Line

* Mediocre play against NON-powerhouse teams

* Johnny Oduya...........enough said.

Johnny Oduya's been BLOODY atrocious. Through the first period of tonight's (Minnesota) game,  he is an astounding -6 and everytime I look up, he's positioned improperly, he doesn't fight for any pucks, he gives away more turnovers then a bakery shop. His thought process is undeniably the worst on the team. He has personally put the Hawks in bad positons of "catch-up" in at least 5 games this January. HE NEEDS TO GO!!!!! I don't care where...just get him the frick out.

I'm pretty tired of the excuses and the acceptance of OT losses as "NO BIG THING" much as winning is is LOSING. Hawks need to get rid of the remaining cancer cells on the team. Starting with the Cancer known as Oduya-itis.

I have found myself calling him O-Do-NOT,....Oh,..yeah he did....again and again.

I have called him " Johnny O-dumb-ass", O-dammit, Oh-do-u-believe-what-he-just-did?...see a pattern? NOTHING positive. He is this years Hjalmarsson(2013), Bickell (2011-12).

Very close to the Oduya status?.....Nick Leddy. What has he done lately? Snore zone!!!

Time for the Hawks to refocus before the Olympics. Have the Hawks already mentally gone there? It appears so. WAKE UP HAWKS!!!!!

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