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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chicago Blackhawks Win 5th Cup AMAZINGLY!

Okay,...where do I begin?
I was glued to my t.v. set when my girlfriend looks at me and says, "You have a patient coming to the clinic at 10:00 (Since I live in Jakarta, I am 12 hours ahead,...note that okay?)

I was so happy to have this Tuesday morning off of work, so that I would be able to watch game 6 (Monday night in the States).

When she spoke to me there were 3 minutes left to go in the game. "What?"......I actually was on-call,...what a quandary. Should I leave or not? I was starting to get a bit disgruntled and saw that the Hawks just messed up with less than 5 minutes to go on their final power play. It even appeared the Hawks had given up.

"Okay,... tell them I'll be there in about 10 minutes." I start to tie my shoes, and I looked up at the t.v. and saw that Crawford (in a PIP) was getting ready to take off to the bench. I had to watch.

"Honey,...they're waiting for you!" She yells again.

"In a minute!" Patrick Kane makes it across the blue line. "I'll be right there."

Kane takes a shot on goal,... and the rebound goes to the near board where Duncan Keith flips it to Jonathan Toews who centered it in front of the net. I don't even remember the shot. It happened that fast................GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!" Bryan Bickell just went 5 hole on Tuukka Rask to tie the game!

"Oh my God!!!!!!" I screamed with excitement.

"Honey,...what happened?"

"The Hawks just fucking scored. Oh my God. " Realization that my patient was still waiting finally arose. Lucky for me my clinic is simply across the street a 7 minute door-to-door walk. Now, I am thinking how fast must I go there, so that I don't miss overtime.

As I am getting ready to take off my #19 Jonathan Toews jersey, the last 1:16 started. I just stared at the t.v. set and within a blink of an eye.........17.7 seconds to be exact, Dave Bolland jumps on a deflected shot off of Johnny Oduya (deflected by Michael Frolik),and puts it in behind Rask. Again, we didn't see the puck go in,...only Bolland jumping around with his gloves off.

My entire family is going nuts......I stepped in,..........."HUSH!!!!!. Let's see if it's a good goal first." I didn't feel like getting too excited to only have the refs take it away,........AGAIN...

They show the replay almost simultaneously with my speech,........and once I saw it in slow mo,..."OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Bolly just fucking scored. Oh my God."

My girlfriend said the last minute of play that I was shaking and was literally counting down the seconds.........all 58 of them..... I did,....until about 5 seconds when Jonathan Toews pushed the puck down ice. I watched it,... and then saw the Hawks rush the ice only seconds afterward.

"Oh my God." I jumped like a little girl. "The Hawks just won the cup. The Hawks just won the cup. The Hawks just won the cup."

As I started to settle down, my girlfriend said, "You have to go." I gave her a quick kiss goodbye, and ran out the door................forgetting to change out of my jersey.

Oh well, I was too excited to care. For,...........THE HAWKS JUST WON THE CUP!!!!!

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