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Sunday, February 24, 2013

First 17 games were great, to catch Philly's 35

The Chicago Blackhawks accomplished a goal this past Friday that has never been accomplished in the history of the NHL. They notched at least 1 point in their first 17 games. (14-0-3).

At the end of the game another stat popped up. Continuous point streak. The Hawks currently are at 23 (since this also includes the last 6 games of last year). The record is held by the Philadelphia Flyers at 35. As the Hawks continue to try and find motivation, this is another way for them to continue a streak (thereby breaking their own record with each game) in order to try and reach the unfathomable 35 game point streak. That would be 29 games this hockey season to tie it,...and 30 games with at least one point to own the record outright. WOW! It's hard to say that is impossible until they lose. However, this feat would definitely be strikingly amazing.

So, the guy who loves to be a true Chicago fan,...that would make me a bit of a pessimist,.... let's put that dream right there.....AS A DREAM. In the meantime, let's look at what will keep the Hawks ahead of the ever-surging Anaheim Ducks.

1) Strong Penalty Killing: Currently they are tied for 2nd with an 88.7%. (Ottawa also at 88.7% and Boston leads the league with an astounding 94.4%). With strong play from players like Kruger, Shaw, Saad, Hjalmarrson, Oduya, the penalty kill has kept them in so many games this year. It is definitely the #1 reason they are on top.

2) Strong Net minding: Reason this is second, is because without a strong defense or a strong PK, the net minding would not have been as strong.

3) Continually forgetting about the last game and focusing on the game at hand: This has been a team concept, and with this type of camaraderie, the Hawks will continue to be in (almost) every game.

4) Drive for the prize: Understanding the real goal isn't these short term streaks, but the goal is  the Playoffs> positioning> winning each round> winning the cup. They keep that drive alive,.....this could be a magical year. That is why this 35 game point streak could be fun for them. It could give them a little more incentive. Something else to try and attain. Sure, it's more fun for the media and the fans,...especially since they've been asked about it almost every night, I'm sure they are sick of hearing about it,.....however, you know they do talk about it and want to be that best team ever. So,'s to you boys!!!! Go get 'em!


FINAL 1 - 2
This was the final score of the 17th game of the season therefore giving the Blackhawks the best overall start to a season at 14-0-3 (31 points).

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