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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hawks Bring Up Dano, Send Down Bryan Bickell

Well, the words FINALLY come to mind.
…FINALLY they send down or get rid of the EXTREMELY overpriced and overpaid Bryan Bickell. He had been given a warning by being put on waivers and the fact that no one picked him up, should have given this knuckle head a wake-up call. But,…no, it didn't. After next year, his 4 year 16 million dollar contract expires,…hope he has plans outside of hockey…cuz he's gonna need it.

FINALLY they send up Marko Dano. In many Hawks opinions, they were SHOCKED when he got sent down to begin with. Heck, it shocked even the reporters close to the team. This kid mega talented and finally he gets his call. I hope he kills it.

The Hawks are seriously dinged up right now. Hossa and Keith are out. Hossa is short term, and Keith still has approximately 4 more weeks to go…The Hawks have brought up some players to see what chemistry works or doesn't work.

They started off by keeping Kyle Baun. Well, he certainly was not the right call. He doesn't have a point in the NHL and he doesn't have a point in Rockford.

Then they brought up Vincent "Vinny" Hinostroza for 4 games. He played well, but the Hawks are going through a period of not scoring,…they needed someone to fill the net NOW.

Defensemen: Ville Pokka: sent up and never played. In fact, it appeared he was going to play, but coach didn't like what he saw…sent him back up for another swap. This time it was Viktor Svedberg. Or some fans are calling him SvedGroot: because of his size, his inability to move and he looks often awkward on the ice.

SvedGroot has 10 games and 1 goal on his stat sheet.

Erik Gustafsson has been called up and played in Minnesota and plays again tonight. He looked really good. He is a self-admittedly offensive defenseman and it showed with his wonderful tape to tape passing that led directly to a goal and his first assist in the NHL. Keep it up kid!!!

Tanner Kero Ryan Hartman and Marko Dano played some time together in Rockford. The chemistry is there. So, the new 3rd line could be what the Hawks need as Teuvo was moved up to Kaner's line and Panarin is on the line with Jonny.

Hawks need to find that chemistry. It looks week. Hopefully they don't sink without Keith and Hossa tonight.

However, I am tickled to see Marko Dano up with the Hawks where he FINALLY belongs.

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