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Monday, April 21, 2014

Seabrook Get's 3 Games. Hawks Search For Soul

This is not the time to lose one of your leaders. The Hawks did JUST that. Brent Seabrook has received a 3 game "well justified" suspension for a vicious hit on David Backes. The Hawks aren't losing 0-2 because of that. They are down 2 games to nothing because they are doing what they did ALL YEAR: blow LATE 3rd PERIOD GOALS. The Hawks gave up a goal in each game with less than 2 minutes to play. Not all Corey Crawford's fault, but he surely isn't playing on all cylinders. Other players that I have seen that aren't "carrying their weight" include: Marian Hossa, Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane. The Hawks do very well when they play "angry". I don't know what they have to do to get by St. Louis, but they certainly are facing a team that is going to be as good a matchup as they will face (even if they win this series). IF the Hawks win this series…and go on to win the cup, the teams they may have to face could look like this….St.Louis > Colorado > Anaheim or San Jose > Boston or Pittsburgh. WOW!!! This would certainly be one of their greatest championships if they could win this. Drawing off the BLOOD SWEAT and TEARS from their captain Jonathan Toews along with the energy from their other leaders WILL definitely have to be needed in order to win this series. Game 3 is in less than 12 hours and the NUMBER ONE person that has to get his act together is COREY CRAWFORD> He must play his best. I haven't seen that yet. Now,…..the line match ups with Kane on the 3rd line….was a complete flop. Most of the goals have been scored by defensemen this series. The idea of "spreading the wealth" actually THINNED it out. Why not have this lineup? Versteeg - Toews - Kane Sharp- Shaw - Hossa Bickell - Smith - MORIN Saad - Handzus - Kruger That is loading up on ALL 4 lines. Bickell and Morin have already proven that they play well together. Handzus has proven he is worthy of playoff time. 3 minutes of ice time for Bollig proves he isn't cutting it in the playoffs. PUT MORIN IN!!!! He's an amazing athlete. Anyway, whatever the Hawks decide to do I am with my team. I just would like to see the offense take off a bit more. I don't think Q is using his offensive power to it's best ability.

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