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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Do the Hawks Really Need Brandon Bollig For 2013-14 Roster?

Whether or not they NEED him or not, is not really the question. Bollig holding a position on the team will cut off a position for a deserving player i.e. Phillip Danault, Garret Ross, Kyle Beach, Drew LeBlanc, Mark McNeill and... the player most recently talked about Teuvo Teravainen.

Advantages of retaining Bollig:

1) His minimal salary for this years decreased $64.3m cap helps the Hawks fit under the cap.

2) He is the ONLY true enforcer the Hawks would have on the roster. Shaw can handle the little guys, but...that's about it.

3) Bollig can be used as a pawn to go back and forth to Rockford. Sure, he may have to clear waivers, but that won't be an issue. Remember, this guy has never even scored a single goal in his entire NHL career.

The disadvantages far out-way the advantages.

Players that far deserve the spot, would have to take a back seat until next year. The roster is almost set.

It is almost a given that the 4 positions available will be going to Pirri, J.Hayes, Morin and B. Smith. (Never a certainty with the Hawks,...but this is a pre-season presumption, not by only myself, but by many).
For Danault (who is one that people will be keeping an eye on during camp) to make the team he would most likely have to dethrone Jimmy Hayes or Jeremy Morin.  Ben Smith appears to be slotted in to take the Frolik position on the penalty kill. The thing is that Morin and Hayes are true wingers and Pirri is going to get his shot this season.  So, where would that leave Danault?....Rockford,...that's where.
So, besides the enforcer role, what else can Bollig do? He can't play the PP or the PK. To be honest, I would have preferred the non-skating John Scott rather than have Brandon Bollig on my team.  At least John Scott puts the fear of God into players at 6'8". Bollig doesn't do anything to scare the opponents. In fact, many have that big enforcer on their team that can actually PLAY. If for some reason that Bollig was picked up on waivers,  (one can dream, right?), then you also have Kyle Beach and Brad Winchester that could come up to take that place on the team as the enforcer.

Enforcers are great to have, but in todays NHL, they're really only needed during playoff time.
Kyle Beach is 6'3"/ 208#
Brad Winchester is 6'5 / 230#

Players on the Hawks that can stand up for themselves included: Shaw, Keith, Seabrook, Bickell. Only Shaw appears to be happy enough to engage in fights. Remember, the Hawks just got rid of Carcillo and Mayers. Two enforcers that weren't really doing anything but filling a slot.

IF the Hawks MUST have an enforcer, then I hope they go with Kyle Beach. He can actually play. He was a first round draft pick back in 2008, and the guy can fill the net, and be a net presence. So, I would LOVE to see Beachy as that 23rd roster guy if,...and only if he earns that spot. Otherwise, give it to a deserving person like a Danault or McNeill or a LeBlanc.

Well, camp is right around the corner. Here's to dropping the gloves boys!!!

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